Web content is the most important element in a website. People visit a web site just because of the web content. People visit websites for 3 main reasons – commerce, entertainment and information. In internet marketing everyone wants to know the entire information of any organization from their home. In this case that business have to a website and for this website information they need content. So we can say people visit a web site just because of the web content. There can be several types of web content such as Textual content, Multimedia content. The textual content is contains of only text about several topics, but the multimedia content is included images, animations, video and sound. Web content needs to be SEO friendly, thus one can get the contents easily by search engines. That does not mean to write the content only to rate high in SEO. Content should be written for the web site, for the people to meet their desired searching because the search engines consummately take the information and affective contents thus the web page becomes optimized. The content should be relevant. Because the search engines
can recognize if the content does not meet the topic. Moreover, the keywords must be used properly in the content taking people to the exact content when searching.

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