About Us

Jasa Technologies Ltd.

is a registered company of Bangladesh and we aim to become the best “One Stop IT service provider”. We have successfully completed thousands of projects on oDesk and Freelancer alone.
We offer a wide range of services worldwide, such as Customer Support, E-mail and Chat support, 24/7 Support, Virtual Assistants (BD and Non-BD), Technical Support, Transcriptions, Articles, Blogs, Content, Copywriting, Ebook writing, Creative Writing,  SEO, Web Design and many more.
As an unparalleled IT service Provider, we do offer all kinds of services related to IT.  We make sure the best and high quality services from us, because we have lots of expert for all particular areas of working.
We have a strong Management and large team to complete any kinds of jobs in any time. The official staffs are working for 24/7. They are very passionate and sincere to the work and must finish the job within the deadline. We are proud of them that Jasa Technologies holds such a type of workers to provide one stop service solution for the clients. We assure the best services by our organization.
As an IT service Provider, we have a very good reputation, because we have been working for long 3 years at stretch and providing our best services towards the clients.
Jasa Technologies is the best and only reputed IT Service Provider in Bangladesh. You can solve any kinds of IT related problems here within a second.