Blog is the word, comes from the short form of Weblog. Generally it can be said that, blog is the reflection of the web site and also spreads the personality of an author or blogger. Blog is not a fixed content, it can be modified and updated frequently.

The blog can be in varieties topic such as it can be on individual thought, technical information, international or local news update, celebrity updates, cooking or beauty tips and so on.Blogs need to meet some criteria to make it effective. Such as

  • Picking up a perfect, attractive title and headline so that readers can find the desired topic easily.
  • It needs to make the point clear in shorter rather than in boring detail.
  • Maximum craft should be shown on a blog. As well it should be creative, informative, motivational, and finally unique.
  • It can be separated in small paras. Using of points, highlighting, multimedia are the effective ways to increase the traffic.
  • The blog content needs to be search engine optimized. The keywords should be maintained sincerely.

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