Forex – Admission Going on at 10th batch

Forex – Admission Going on at 10th batch

‘Jasa Technologies Limited’ is one of the leading Forex Trading training center located in Dhaka, Bangladesh 10th Forex training batch starting from April 1

You can learn to analyze and eventually can trade into the market with the guidance of experienced instructors and traders of ‘Jasa Technologies Limited’.

What we offer

We are offering 3 months training, including 24 classes at your flexible time.
We are available 24/7 for your assistance.
We provide e-learning facilities.
Projector and sufficient computers will be provided during the training.
We provide lifetime support with face to face counseling, Skype, TeamViewer and Live Chat.

What you Learn

Introduction with MetaTrader platform.
Trend and charts types and formation rules.
Types of exchange rate and arrangements.
Forex market and Margin trading.
Deals execution techniques, technical analysis and Dow Theory.
Trend analysis and Graphical patterns analysis
Candlestick and Wave analysis.
Mathematical analysis and trading systems.
Foreign exchange market analysis.
Trading psychology for Risk management.

The Forex training by ‘Jasa Technologies Limited’ contains widespread information about Forex market, what you can’t expect from anywhere else, which makes this center unparallel.

Course Fee: Flat 10000 taka