Outsourcing – Admission Going on at 6th batch

Outsourcing – Admission Going on at 6th batch

‘Jasa Technologies Limited’ is one of the leading outsourcing training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh are inaugurating its 6th outsourcing training batch starting from April 1

‘Jasa technologies Limited’ is the sign of quality training and honest service.

What we offer

We are offering 3 months course, including 24 classes at your flexible time.
We are open 24 hours, seven days a week.
We do offer you e-learning facilities.
Course will be conducted with projector with computers.
You can expect lifetime support with Skype, Team-viewer and Live Chat.

What we would do for you!

1. You don’t need to invest any single money to earn online. You just need to invest your hard work and honesty.
2. We will teach you all things from very basic level.
3. Our courses are designed for who have nothing or a little knowledge on computer or internet.
4. We will teach you how to earn online by practical project.
5. Will show you what actual outsourcing is.
6. Will show you what type of work is more demandable now days.